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Preparing For Changes

Preparing For Changes published on 3 Comments on Preparing For Changes

Hello everyone!

So… Lilly DID eat a sandwich after all. Let’s just hope the last bit of this page and chapter won’t turn out so bad in the future.

Well, time for Anthrocon 2019 is running out and i think i am still not mentally prepared for it. I am both excited and nervous about it. If you happen to go to AC 2019, look me up at the Katbox table with my other friends. I am more than happy and willing to receive people and talk a bit about our work or giving advice is possible. This is just my second convention in the US and my first AC. I am quite nervous. XD

On different news, the heat wave here in Mexico this weekend has been horrible to bear, add to that some accidents like a fire on the power station and pretty much everyone plugging their air conditioners at the same time doesn’t help at all. So we have been having a lot of blackouts.

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