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Heads Are Rolling

Heads Are Rolling published on 5 Comments on Heads Are Rolling

Hello everyone!


Well, this has been a busy month. Last sunday we had our second stream session to gather funds for AC 2019 and it went really well. I just want to thank everyone that showed to the stream and also those that passed the word about the event. The next one should be around in several weeks.

The site revamp has shown no progress at all… and i am still waiting to being told i can deliver the new assets for it. Been waiting on that for a long time now… makes me a bit nervous to be honest since i haven’t heard a peep in a very long time.

Other than that, i did a good progress on the Patreon queue and i will continue on it in the following days.

Thanks for all the support guys!

Weed Whacker

Weed Whacker published on 3 Comments on Weed Whacker

New page is up!

Not much to say at the moment. I am still waiting for the update on the site’s layout so i can start working on the assets. I apologize again for the barebones look we have at the moment.

Also a reminder that i will be visiting AC this year! Be sure to pay a visit when you come! ^^


Thanks  for reading!

Acute Stress Response

Acute Stress Response published on 1 Comment on Acute Stress Response

Hello everyone!

Well, Ron is horribly outmatched by a Silentman.

Also, i am planning on going to AC this year with several of the Katbox people and some other friends. If any of you are planning on going to Anthrocon this summer, do pay me a visit! I am more than happy to meet any of you that follow the comic. =D

Thanks a lot for reading!

Mind Blown

Mind Blown published on 8 Comments on Mind Blown

Happy New Year everyone!

Las page of 2018! Not much to say at the moment, i have to travel back to the city this week an resume regular activities. I got some goals for next year but i also need to think a lot about what to do with my life.

Have a great end of the year you all.

Do The Thing!

Do The Thing! published on 10 Comments on Do The Thing!

Hey everyone!

Been really busy these last few weeks dealing with family and personal stuff. I apologize for the lack of updates. I will be doing day long streams in january to catch up with the Patreon requests i have been unable to work on.

For now, i just want yo wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

Her True Feelings

Her True Feelings published on 7 Comments on Her True Feelings

Hello everyone!

Not much to say at the moment, i am just both excited and terrified for traveling to Chicago and go to MFF this weekend. I have never traveled that far in my life and I have never had to deal with snow before. It’s gonna be awesome and i will be not prepared for it.

If you happen to visit MFF, i will be hanging with the Katbox crew, so take some time to say hi while i am there!

Thanks a lot for reading the webcomic, it means the world to me!