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Mind Blown

Mind Blown published on 8 Comments on Mind Blown

Happy New Year everyone!

Las page of 2018! Not much to say at the moment, i have to travel back to the city this week an resume regular activities. I got some goals for next year but i also need to think a lot about what to do with my life.

Have a great end of the year you all.

Do The Thing!

Do The Thing! published on 10 Comments on Do The Thing!

Hey everyone!

Been really busy these last few weeks dealing with family and personal stuff. I apologize for the lack of updates. I will be doing day long streams in january to catch up with the Patreon requests i have been unable to work on.

For now, i just want yo wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

Her True Feelings

Her True Feelings published on 7 Comments on Her True Feelings

Hello everyone!

Not much to say at the moment, i am just both excited and terrified for traveling to Chicago and go to MFF this weekend. I have never traveled that far in my life and I have never had to deal with snow before. It’s gonna be awesome and i will be not prepared for it.

If you happen to visit MFF, i will be hanging with the Katbox crew, so take some time to say hi while i am there!

Thanks a lot for reading the webcomic, it means the world to me!

The Flamekeeper

The Flamekeeper published on 6 Comments on The Flamekeeper

Hello everyone!

I have been busy as hell lately. First of all, it is a bit more of a week before my trip to Chicago and MFF. I am both excited and terrified. I haven’t traveled this far in my whole life! Also meeting with several of my online friends in person for the first time sounds amazing. Even though i know my shyness will take the best out of me at first. If you do go to MFF do come pay a visit, i will be hanging out with the rest of the Katbox people. ^^

I also want to thank everyone that showed up and helped with the MFF trip fund stream sessions we had over the past few weeks. Nekonny, Chalo, Godai, Tony and I spent a lot of time on these so we really appreciate everyone showing up and/or spreading the word.

Also regarding my dad’s surgery. Well turns out surgery was not needed. The urologist was able to shatter the stone with a probe so opening him up was not needed. He recovered really fast and was out of the hospital the very next day. It was a huge relief, Specially since well… i spent the night at his side in a very cold room with just a shitty chair. I am not looking for repeating THAT anytime soon.

Also, gonna be horribly busy the next weeks. Getting closer to that announcement i wanted to make but god i am gonna be on deep crunch time soon.

Take care you all!!

We’re Supportive, Bro!

We’re Supportive, Bro! published on 6 Comments on We’re Supportive, Bro!

Hello everyone!


Well, November is here now and i realize i am running out of time to do a lot of stuff i want to do and my deadlines will catch up. I am ready to make a big announcement by the end of the month so stay tuned.

Also, i am going to MFF this year in Chicago.  Just going as a visitor and i will be there for anyone that would like to pay a visit there. Never traveled or gone to a convention like this in my life so i am both excited and nervous about it.

Thanks for the support, everyone!

The Testosterone Room

The Testosterone Room published on 3 Comments on The Testosterone Room

Hello everyone!

I have had a rather busy week. You see, my dad is getting surgery in a couple of weeks. Getting some stone gladder removed. Everything seems fine, i am only worried due to his age. Anyways, as part of the whole surgery thing, the IMSS asked us to restock some of the blood used on him. Two units. So i have spent a good chunk of the past few weeks talking to friends, coworkers and old college friends about finding some blood donors. I wasn’t able to find any.

I am also unable to be a blood donor, i was told years ago that my veins are too thin when i tried to donate blood for a friend’s father who was getting surgery. So this is a bit frustrating.

The time limit is this 29th and i got calls from my mother pretty much pushing me to talk to more people. The kicker is that i realized just now that they never told my sister (who i share an apartment with) about the blood donations. She has her own whole social group and coworkers she could have asked about this weeks ago. The worst part is that yesterday night i realized my father didn’t even contact his brothers, sisters or even my cousins from the Whatsapp group or even Facebook.

I am not gonna lie. I am mad at them for basically dumping all responsibility at me and then getting mad that i wasn’t able to find donors. Yet they didn’t do anything on their end and didn’t even think about telling my sister.

On the bright side, just after two days of making this known to my sister she found 5 donors at her workplace so we are actually set on this… 2 days before the deadline. Jeez…

On other news, i am still thrilled about going to MFF at the end of November. I haven’t traveled as a tourist in more than ten years. It’s exciting…then i realized i need to buy shoes that work on snow. Haha, i am actually gonna see snow for the first time in my life! That is kind of crazy!

Anyways, thanks for the support everyone.

The Two Tickets

The Two Tickets published on 9 Comments on The Two Tickets

Hello everyone!

First of all, i just want to apologize for the lack of communication and updates as for recent. I have been literally going back and forth between cities to get all my paperwork ready for the Visa application as well as trying to track down my accountant back in my hometown. The thing is… the guy was involved in some electoral campaign last month and his candidate won the spot for mayor. I need to declare my taxes for the SAT so i could actually get my paperwork done to show at the application for my Visa.

So the accountant was not replying to my calls and emails, so i had to go to my hometown several times to finally catch him. Several times i was unable to find him and basically wasted whole days traveling back and forth. When i finally got him… it only took him 20 minutes… i spent days looking for him for 20 minutes of work…

Anyways, so i finally got my appointment for the Visa and i had all this mountain of paperwork. Taxes, my credit card history, Patreon information, Payoneer information, birth certificate. Explanations on what Patreon is and how it works. My professional degree card. Pretty much everything. Then i got to the interview and the guy just saw me… asked me if i was a graphic designer and if i was going to visit the US as a tourist. After a brief answer he just told me, “Your Visa has been approved”…

Weeks of paperwork and chasing people around while driving between cities for NOT A SINGLE paper to be inspected. Well i feel like i wasted a lot of time worrying over nothing. On the bright side, i got my Visa and i can start planning to travel around the US.

On the bad side, i got an even bigger queue of work i need to finish. Mostly patreon requests… i apologize again for the lateness but on the bright side i don’t have to travel back and forth again and i can concentrate on getting this stuff done!

Thanks for the support everyone. Expect a lot of new posts and streams in the following days… i got WAY too much stuff i need to catch up with.

Might make some big changes to my Patreon in the following months. I won’t say anything until figure out what is fair for everyone.

Take care you all!

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