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Mayte’s Letter

Mayte’s Letter published on 4 Comments on Mayte’s Letter
Hey guys! Just dropping the actual finished page here so everyone can see. This next Sunday i will resume the Patreon streams, i should be caught up and done with everything by the end of September.
I will also have amazing news by then, so stay tuned when i get the chance to talk about it. People in my Patreon will be able to get a nice preview of it in the near future.
Not much else to say at the moment. Thanks for the support, everyone!

The Eye of Ramalach 225: Miranda

The Eye of Ramalach 225: Miranda published on 3 Comments on The Eye of Ramalach 225: Miranda
Hello everyone!
Well this has been a very busy month. As mentioned before i ended up with several months of backlog work due to health issues and bureaucracy. I used most of August to catch up and been toiling at the work on a daily basis. I am glad to say that i cleaned up most of the old stuff i owed. And i am about to start on the requests sent to me via Patreon this week (if you sent me them via Patreon notes, yours are coming up in the following days). Sorry again for those delays.
I am also happy to finally have been able to include Miranda in some pages. She has been there in the comic since the very early days of planning but i had not found a suitable moment to show her until now. I thought it would be a nice setup to use her along with Mayte. She is a minor role so don’t expect her to hog up the spotlight.
I am also very excited since i am reaching a point in the story i consider pivotal. And i can completely say that very soon i will be done with 3/5ths of the story. This is a huge deal! College, work, and other things have set me back a bit over time. But we are getting closer and closer to the endgame!
I will also have very important news to share with you all in the following months. I am incredibly excited about it! But when time comes you will know.
Thanks for reading everyone! Still gonna be working on the rewards!

All About My Mother

All About My Mother published on 20 Comments on All About My Mother

Hey guys!

Gonna be brief for now. I am very busy  at the moment trying to catch up with my workload since i am delayed a couple of months from plan. I should be fine, i just have little time in general.


Also, is that a new logo i see there? XD


Thanks for reading!

Ron The Alpha

Ron The Alpha published on 7 Comments on Ron The Alpha
Hey everyone.
I got some bad news on my end. As you remember, last month i was only able to post a single page.
It seems that july is going to be the same. Unless you guys don’t mind me posting a WIP page later at Patreon today. I am delayed with the rewards and i apologize for that. As i said before, i AM going to do them so just keep your requests coming. As long as they are made in time you are not to worry. Once i finish page 224 i will dedicate a week or two to stream patreon rewards until i am done.
Here is the thing. In the past months i have been starting the paperwork to get my US Visa from scratch since i was fool enough during college tolet it expire to focus on my studies. So now i got to get it done as if it was my first time ever applying for it.
For that, i had to get my tax paper done and i got a local accountant from my hometown. He is a friend of the family so i assumed everything was ok there. Turns out he forgot to do my taxes for the whole year because he was in an electoral campaign for a new mayor at my hometown and his guy actually won this past June. I had to go to my hometown to get those paper and basically… what was meant to be a 3 days top trip to get all the papers done ended up being 2 whole weeks of me being there not getting my papers. I also didn’t have my hardware to work on comics or pictures there so i basically lost 2 weeks worth of work time because of an accountant forgot i was his client and bureaucracy.
On good news, this means that in September i MAY get my Visa. With this i can finally start planning trips to the US to meet several of my friends that live there. I am excited about it!
But as for now… i got to get back to page 224 and get everything ready for several days of me basically streaming Patreon rewards all day long. X_X
Thanks for reading everyone. Sorry for not bringing the best of news on this update.

Piles of Boxes

Piles of Boxes published on 3 Comments on Piles of Boxes

Hello everyone!

June was a weird month. I got a respiratory infection that had me coughing for whole nights and made me unable to sleep several nights. I ended up going to the doctor and taking a lot of meds and strong antibiotics. I am fine now, but i kinda took  two weeks to rest.

This is why i will most likely be unable to post two pages this  month which will suck for me since it means i get half my income. Feels bad.

On the last weeks i also started seeing a nutriologist to try to get my weight in check to help with the hypertension i had diagnosed back in February. So in two weeks i lost 3.5 kilograms. To be honest i was expecting more, but i have been told that is a decent amount.

On last news, if i am lucky i may be able to start working on my traveler’s Visa. If i get that i may be able to actually start planning trips abroad again in the future. This has me excited.

Thanks for reading everyone!

Life of a College Student

Life of a College Student published on 7 Comments on Life of a College Student

Hello everyone!

Well i don’t really know what to say this update. Last saturday we had to put down the family dog. Goyo was a 14 year old chihuahua, he had lost all his teeth on the jaw, was unable to hold it’s tongue in his mouth, barely moved and was eating paste. But good lord did he yell, lunge and tackle the cats if there was food involved. I am a bit bummed but to be honest i had seen this coming months ago.

I am also planning for my birthday at the end of this month and trying to organize my college gang to hang out at a Korean Grill Bar i discovered recently that i ended up loving.

Other than this… i guess i am just doing fine.

Thanks for reading!

Bond Of Secrets

Bond Of Secrets published on 9 Comments on Bond Of Secrets

Well it seems like the group did manage  to find some resemblance of order with the new additions.

What are news for this update? To be honest i can’t really think of much, my plans for a Visa are probably delayed some months due to communication problems with my accountant.

I am also bummed about the death of Totalbiscuit, been following his content since Wrath of the Lich King Beta and well… he was my age. Makes me really question  my own health.

I can’t think of much, probably just preparing a reunion with my friends for the end of june for my birthday. I still haven’t decided, but maybe i will invite them all to a korean grill bar i found and loved.

See you on the next update! =D

It’s A Secret To Everyone

It’s A Secret To Everyone published on 2 Comments on It’s A Secret To Everyone

Here we go, new page is up!

Funny thing, Chalo invited me to a multi stream yesterday where we were doing out comic pages along with Godai, Jinti and other people. Late at night, Maxblackrabbit joins the stream and suggest we just take screenshots from the other streamers and place a panel as easter eggs. I thought it was hilarious and took  a screen at Chalo’s picarto screen and used a panel to be on Ben’s TV which was shut off originally. So i guess the characters are watching TV while having this rather serious discussion? Chalo made a movie poster out of one of my panels and made a “Faceoff” parody.  XD

Other than that, not much happening! Just starting May!

Thanks for reading everyone!


Two-Fer published on 1 Comment on Two-Fer

Hello everyone! Not many news this new update. Just working on trying to get my US traveller visa this year. I want to finally be able to travel abroad for fun and meet some of my friends.

Other than that, i guess i am just going to watch the new Avengers movie on the 27th. Also excited to finally see the release date for Project Octopath. That games looks like fun.

Take care you all!!

You Numpty Man!

You Numpty Man! published on No Comments on You Numpty Man!

Hey guys!

Not much to say, i just had to pay the hospital bills and it is the first time i run out of money in a very long time. It is freaky. So i am gonna be a bit hard pressed this month, i am sure i can pull through just fine, i just need to be careful with my expenses. ^^U


I am also trying to get my US visa renewed, got a lot of paperwork and due to legal reasons i won’t be able to apply for it until next june. If i manage to get it accepted, i will be planning on traveling to an event and meet the other Katbox crew, other friends and maybe other artists i admire. I am horribly shy so i will most likely just sit in a corner. XD


Take care everyone!

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