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Just A Bit Sick?

Just A Bit Sick? published on No Comments on Just A Bit Sick?
Hello everyone!
Well, i had a scare last monday, my hipertension got out of control again and took my by surprise. I have already been starting to take care of what i eat more to lose weight so i wasn’t expecting this setback. The doctor says that it is mostly because of my sleeping issues.
I got both the hypertension and insomnia spells from my mother. This means i have to try to get to sleep earlier than usual. This will be a big change for me since i usually work on the comics late at night and i don’t think i can keep doing that anymore if i want to regularize my sleep hours. This means i have to reschedule my whole days in the future.
Other than that, i am in some talks to get some physical media products created in relation to the webcomic which got me really hyped. I will have actual news on these in the following months.
Thanks for the support everyone!

Just Like Him

Just Like Him published on No Comments on Just Like Him

Sorry for disappearing for a week everyone. Some friends came to visit and i spent a whole week with them showing them around here as a guide in Monterrey.

  • The CJMC comic convention on Cintermex.
  • Parque Fundidora, which includes the wax museum, the parrot house, lemur area, the cineteca (which was showing off a collection of artwork of posters from wrestler movies from the 60 for El Santo and Blue Demon). and the art  house.
  • A visit to my hometown for some sight seeing and to the “Bioparque Estrella” were he managed to do the safari, feed deer with our hands and look at some fossils and whale skeletons. At night we had a BBQ at my folk’s place.
  • A tour to the center of Monterrey and some comic shops.
  • Went to Chipinque park where we hiked for hours and i ended up being broken morally. I did manage to finally catch the sight of a coati. Also a stalker squirrel.
  • A visit to the “La Boca” dam and the “Cola de caballo” waterfall.
  • Several nights of board games, marathoning Devilman Crybaby and went to the theaters to watch Red Sparrow.

All and all, it was a pretty awesome week. I had to to say goodbye to my friends earlier today so i will am now back to work. It was a really good change of pace on my daily schedule.

Coffee For The Hangover

Coffee For The Hangover published on No Comments on Coffee For The Hangover

Hello everyone!

Well this month has been quite something. I learned that i suffer from hypertension. I spent some weeks afraid for my future and getting several medical tests. To be honest, i wasn’t sure how i would deal with the whole thing.
Well, i was honestly surprised to hear from so many people around me that hipertension seems to be so common and yet nobody talked about it. Family and close friends, that actually gives me quite a bit of a new perspective. I should have also seen this coming since my mother has this and i kind of got my insomnia spells from her too.
Anyways, i am visiting a cardiologist and all my tests have come out negative. I got nothing wrong… besides the blood pressure thing. This is a huge relief, but i sure spent a lot of cash on those tests and the medic appointment. More than i was expecting.
Well, this week i am having some friends come over for a visit. It should be fun and i have prepared a schedule for the whole thing. I am really looking forward to that. I’ll post news on this if needed.
On a final note, i just want to ask a bit more of patience for the patreon rewards. I didn’t do as many as i wanted this month due to being up and down going to the hospital, laboratories and medic appointments. This is the same reason why i don’t think i will finish the two pages of February on time.
Thanks for reading everyone!

Missing Footage

Missing Footage published on 3 Comments on Missing Footage

Hello everyone!

Well, January has been rough and i barely made expenses this month but i was able to make it even if i didn’t really earn any income in past December due to the issues with my back. I should be “back to normal” now in February since i was able to post the two comic pages i regularly work with. Still, i find it kinda rough that a random problem like the one from the past month can seriously jeopardize my economic situation. Well it was mostly due to the holiday expenses and the stuff you have to do at the start of the year with taxes and all… it was rough.

Thanks for coming back to the comic to read everyone! ^^


Drunkies published on 22 Comments on Drunkies
Well, first post of the year 2018.
Last year i spend 6 months on treatment for my back, was trying to get my lumbar nerve into a more healthy state so that the doctor would finally be able to check my back and tell me if i need surgery or just to push my discs into place. But out of nowhere in december i heard and felt a snap on my back (i was not lifting nor pushing anything at the moment) and a sharp pain left me unable to move or twist properly. I spent almost two weeks on bed being not able to do much.
Due to that i was not able to work on anything and i was also unable to work on the comic pages for the month. Ever since i left the newspaper, this is the first time i have missed my updates. In two or 3 years i guess? I feel bad.
At least i am back to posting now. Thanks for reading everyone!

Table Turner

Table Turner published on 6 Comments on Table Turner

Sorry… new page is up. I forgot what i was gonna even post on this update due to a tech misshap.

So i guess i’ll do the short version?

1- Christmas shopping for family is done.

2- Sent several packages abroad for some friends online.

3- My new tablet arrived, tomorrow i go back to my house and i will finally be able to test if it works correctly.

4- I also go tmy Switch console but got no real games for now for a week or two.

5- This year didn’t last long enough for me… that worries me quite a bit.


Sorry for the short update…i guess i’ll be more talkative on the next post.

Thanks for reading, guys.

Donkey, Please!

Donkey, Please! published on 7 Comments on Donkey, Please!
Hello everyone!
It seems that each passing years seems to last less and less than the previous ones… this is a bit worrying. Anyways, i did my Christmas shopping a week ago so i should be fine for now. I also managed to get me a Nintendo Switch with the savings from the extra commissions i did. I am still trying to get a sale on the 27 inch Cintiq that i have been saving all year long for from commissions.
Speaking of drawing, i am almost done with the full queue of Patreon requests that were stacked. So it does seem that i will be able to clear my whole queue by the time december starts. I want to thank all my Patrons for their patience.
Other than that… i don’t think i got much to say.
Just been practicing my coloring a lot lately. I still got a long way to improve!
Best of luck everyone! =D

You Have To Stay Longer

You Have To Stay Longer published on 13 Comments on You Have To Stay Longer

Hello everyone!

Well, my parents are going out to travel and meet my eldest sister, the neurologist. So i am staying at their place for a week to do some house sitting and take care of the toothless ancient chihuahua and their 3 not so smart cats. XD

Ill be having the house to myself so i will be enjoying some good privacy.

Regarding this page, i won’t really say what Gretta and her boss are talking about, but i do want to explain that in the second panel he makes an off color joke about the differences between spaniard spanish and mexican spanish that is impossible to translate since it won’t make sense in any other language. Gretta is not amused at her boss and his  13 year old  style of humor.

The Spanish group “La oreja de Van Gogh” ran into a lot of dirty jokes in their mexican tour because one of their songs had the lirics “nos cogemos este bote” which in Mexico is understood as “we will fuck this boat”.

Yesterday i saw Coco, i went with really low expectations and ended up liking the movie a lot. This is a case where a really bad trailer can taint the view of people about the whole product. Doesn’t help that the trailer only featured the stuff that was already done in The Book of Life instead of featuring what made this movie unique on it’s own. I say give it a try!

After The Grand Opening

After The Grand Opening published on 9 Comments on After The Grand Opening

Hello everyone!

Been having a lot to think about the past few days and i am a bit stressing over it. My insomnia came back with a vengeance but i really hope i can put an end to this issue soon.

I realized there was a comic convention this weekend here in Monterrey, i don’t think i will be attending though.  I feel a bit alienated for some reason i don’t really understand to be honest.

Gonna be house sitting in two weeks, making big plans on what to keep myself busy with those days.

The monster girl challenge has been really fun so far this month, improvising a character design each day has been very interesting and i have had my highs and lows with the results in my opinion. Next year i might actually try inktober with real media… i suck since my normal pulse will make me mess up badly but i feel encouraged to actually give it a try.

Take care you all!

The Business Card

The Business Card published on 9 Comments on The Business Card

Hey guys… i want to apologize for the lack of communication these past 3 weeks. I have been dealing with a very important issue related to depression this time.  I am a lot better now. And i have started working on the patreon rewards i owe this week.

I have been feeling a bit inadequate lately, i am a very awkward person and i have a lot of trouble starting a conversation with others, even if i want to. At times it is even hard for me to start a conversation with people i have been friends with for years. I am very aghast when i see friends just being able to randomly talk to other artists with no issue and all of them responding easily. When i try to get in touch with other artists i admire, most of the time i get no response. It leaves me wondering if i am doing anything wrong, or if am not “good enough”. i honestly don’t know. I am aware i overthink things all the time and i am way too hard on myself. It just leaves me wondering. I just wish it was easier for me to just be more social and extroverted.

Anyways, as i said, i am doing way better than the previous weeks of this month. I just feel like… writing about how i feel i guess. Most of my friends in real life left the country so i feel like i don’t really have anyone else to talk to about my thoughts. Kinda makes me wonder if i should do the same. Then again i feel i got no real life skills to actually get a job at this point, other than work on a webcomic.

Thanks for the support, and i apologize for the delays.  Things have been hard on a mental level over here.

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