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Preparing For Changes

Preparing For Changes published on 3 Comments on Preparing For Changes

Hello everyone!

So… Lilly DID eat a sandwich after all. Let’s just hope the last bit of this page and chapter won’t turn out so bad in the future.

Well, time for Anthrocon 2019 is running out and i think i am still not mentally prepared for it. I am both excited and nervous about it. If you happen to go to AC 2019, look me up at the Katbox table with my other friends. I am more than happy and willing to receive people and talk a bit about our work or giving advice is possible. This is just my second convention in the US and my first AC. I am quite nervous. XD

On different news, the heat wave here in Mexico this weekend has been horrible to bear, add to that some accidents like a fire on the power station and pretty much everyone plugging their air conditioners at the same time doesn’t help at all. So we have been having a lot of blackouts.

Beating The Odds

Beating The Odds published on 1 Comment on Beating The Odds
Hello everyone!

First of all, i need to apologize to my Patrons. This month as a whole i was unable to work on Patreon rewards for the most part. I see this as a failing from my part. If anyone is curious i will now explain what happened.

Ok, at the start of the month i took a week long vacations i have been saving since last year. I went to the south of the country with my family since they had a social club event in Puerto Vallarta and i just used the opportunity to travel for cheap.

If you have been following my twitter you probably know what happened. Basically, our travel agent dropped the ball hard and we didn’t have our flights back home. Since we all needed to return we had to find a way home for work. So i ended up paying for everyone’s ticket home on a bus ride. An 18 hour bus ride.

Well, this means that my family at the moment owes me money, as well as i need a refund from the flights from the travel agent who is currently avoiding me at all costs. So i ended up with a really big bill to pay. I ended up taking a lot of small commission work and a short term job to gather the cash and pay the credit card before the interest gets too high. All these tasks taken on short notice and on a small deadline have been taking most of my time in May.

So, what will i be doing to catch up? Well, i am freeing my schedule to do nothing but Patreon rewards during the first week of June. Gonna try to catch up with all the requests i couldn’t work on during May and the new ones.

I apologize, but this was a bit too much for me to handle due to the unforeseen circumstances. At the moment i am still in debt due to the money i have not been able to recover from the travel agent but at least the interest from the bank will not be as big as i thought due to the work i managed to pull. Something is something i guess.

Also, new comic page.

Thanks for understanding.

I Reject Your Reality And Substitute My Own

I Reject Your Reality And Substitute My Own published on 2 Comments on I Reject Your Reality And Substitute My Own

Hello everyone!

Well… if you followed my twitter you guys might already know. Basically my parents had an event for a club they are members in on the south end of the country. I decided to go with them taking advantage of WAY cheaper prices for travel and hosting. Otherwise i would never be able to afford such a trip. Things started weird when we got a call that your flight over there got cancelled and we had to take a different flight to a different place and then take a 5 hour bus ride to the original destination.

It was annoying but we made it and we had a great time. Until one of  the friends of my parents that also went to the event randomly died in his sleep due to a heart attack. That sort of tainted the mood for most of the reunion they were having.

Anyways, things went ok… until it was time to go back. Turns out the travel agent kind of messed up royally and we had no  flight back. So we were basically stuck on the other end of the country. So i had to pony up some cash and buy 4 bus tickets to get a ride home. An 18 hour long bus ride i have to say.

Anyways, i am back home and looking at what i need to work from Patreon rewards and commissions. So back to the usual i guess….

Thanks for reading!

Dead End

Dead End published on 1 Comment on Dead End

Hello everyone! I am actually excited the comic got to this point. I remember drawing this scene and posting it on my Deviantart account back in 2010 i believe. Some stuff has changed, Ron was suited up in the original draft with a brown coat and a red tie. He also didn’t have a broken arm or a bloody nose either. But yeah, we got to a point i have been planning for a long time now and i am really happy!

Also, it seems that the site rework is finally moving forward. I again apologize for the barebones look of the page these past few months. Things were a bit weird on my end it seems…

Not sure what else to say at the moment. Just a reminder that i will be going to AC this year so if you are there, be sure to drop a visit along with the rest of the Katbox people!

Best of luck!

Heads Are Rolling

Heads Are Rolling published on 5 Comments on Heads Are Rolling

Hello everyone!


Well, this has been a busy month. Last sunday we had our second stream session to gather funds for AC 2019 and it went really well. I just want to thank everyone that showed to the stream and also those that passed the word about the event. The next one should be around in several weeks.

The site revamp has shown no progress at all… and i am still waiting to being told i can deliver the new assets for it. Been waiting on that for a long time now… makes me a bit nervous to be honest since i haven’t heard a peep in a very long time.

Other than that, i did a good progress on the Patreon queue and i will continue on it in the following days.

Thanks for all the support guys!

Weed Whacker

Weed Whacker published on 3 Comments on Weed Whacker

New page is up!

Not much to say at the moment. I am still waiting for the update on the site’s layout so i can start working on the assets. I apologize again for the barebones look we have at the moment.

Also a reminder that i will be visiting AC this year! Be sure to pay a visit when you come! ^^


Thanks  for reading!

Acute Stress Response

Acute Stress Response published on 1 Comment on Acute Stress Response

Hello everyone!

Well, Ron is horribly outmatched by a Silentman.

Also, i am planning on going to AC this year with several of the Katbox people and some other friends. If any of you are planning on going to Anthrocon this summer, do pay me a visit! I am more than happy to meet any of you that follow the comic. =D

Thanks a lot for reading!

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