Media Madness

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Hello everyone! Not many news again since i have been updating more frequently. Gonna be driving my mother around this weekend since she still her arm broken. Also my sister went on vacations for a week and i am in charge of taking care of her hordes of cats (she is a crazy cat lady… Continue reading Media Madness

Live Fast, Die Young

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Well here is a fun little page that i wanted to make… turns out it was WAY BIGGER than i had ever anticipated. I wanted to go back to Marianne for a second since she is the sixth main character of the comic (the banner will be changed accordingly when her time comes). The funny… Continue reading Live Fast, Die Young

It’s Gonna Cost You

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I just realized…. this is page 150!! That is a big landmark for me! As you know, my story with this webcomic has been long and full of ups and downs. I started it as a fun sideproject while i was still a student in college. 3 years of college including the time i lost… Continue reading It’s Gonna Cost You

Awful Timing

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Hello everyone!! Not much to say this time around. Been rather busy this month with more family stuff and having some serious trouble keeping up with my sleep schedule. Breen trying some herbal teas, not eating after 8:00 pm and a lot ot other stuff. It works for a week or so but suddenly i… Continue reading Awful Timing

Just Call Me Jane

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Hello guys! Not much to say this particular update. My sister had to go to the capital of the country for a month which means i got a whole monty for myself at our place. I sure appreciate the privacy. Also, i am glad to have a page with Jane properly now. I was actually… Continue reading Just Call Me Jane

Dozens of Wee Babies

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Hello everyone! New page here! Well, it seems that i lost my fear of writting Jane wrong from what i had her in my head for years now and i seem to be doing a decent job at it. Also… i am not sure i will be able to post two pages of The Eye… Continue reading Dozens of Wee Babies

A Queen’s Vow

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Hello guys! Not much new stuff to say at the moment since the last update was recent. Just that this weekend was really awesome since i got to see a lot of my friends and hang out with my family due to my birthday. I went to this argentinian restaurante called “El Gaucho”, the food… Continue reading A Queen’s Vow

Magic and Antibiotics

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Hello everyone! This was a weird weekend for me. First of all, Tony from Rascals came to visit this friday. He was going home from his trip to the San Diego Comic Con and my place is sort of in the middle of his traveling route. It was good to have him back, hang out,… Continue reading Magic and Antibiotics

The Queen of Agapism

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Well… i am carless for now. ┬áThere is an electrical issue with my Ibiza that causes a cease of the hidraulic guidance sysem. ┬áSo my steering wheel becomes hards as rock and is impossible to use properly. I left my car at a garage… i just hope i don’t have a nice cash surprise waiting… Continue reading The Queen of Agapism

Two Of A Kind

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Hello everyone!! I haven’t got many news for this update but i wanted to take some time to make a plug for some other webcomics. First of all, if you haven’t already, take some time to check the other webcomics hosted at The Katbox. There is a lot of variety and done by very different… Continue reading Two Of A Kind