Just Like Him

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Sorry for disappearing for a week everyone. Some friends came to visit and i spent a whole week with them showing them around here as a guide in Monterrey. The CJMC comic convention on Cintermex. Parque Fundidora, which includes the wax museum, the parrot house, lemur area, the cineteca (which was showing off a collection… Continue reading Just Like Him

Just A Bit Sick?

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Hello everyone! Well, i had a scare last monday, my hipertension got out of control again and took my by surprise. I have already been starting to take care of what i eat more to lose weight so i wasn’t expecting this setback. The doctor says that it is mostly because of my sleeping issues.… Continue reading Just A Bit Sick?

You Numpty Man!

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Hey guys! Not much to say, i just had to pay the hospital bills and it is the first time i run out of money in a very long time. It is freaky. So i am gonna be a bit hard pressed this month, i am sure i can pull through just fine, i just… Continue reading You Numpty Man!


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Hello everyone! Not many news this new update. Just working on trying to get my US traveller visa this year. I want to finally be able to travel abroad for fun and meet some of my friends. Other than that, i guess i am just going to watch the new Avengers movie on the 27th.… Continue reading Two-Fer

It’s A Secret To Everyone

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Here we go, new page is up! Funny thing, Chalo invited me to a multi stream yesterday where we were doing out comic pages along with Godai, Jinti and other people. Late at night, Maxblackrabbit joins the stream and suggest we just take screenshots from the other streamers and place a panel as easter eggs.… Continue reading It’s A Secret To Everyone

Bond Of Secrets

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Well it seems like the group did manage  to find some resemblance of order with the new additions. What are news for this update? To be honest i can’t really think of much, my plans for a Visa are probably delayed some months due to communication problems with my accountant. I am also bummed about… Continue reading Bond Of Secrets

Life of a College Student

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Hello everyone! Well i don’t really know what to say this update. Last saturday we had to put down the family dog. Goyo was a 14 year old chihuahua, he had lost all his teeth on the jaw, was unable to hold it’s tongue in his mouth, barely moved and was eating paste. But good… Continue reading Life of a College Student

Piles of Boxes

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Hello everyone! June was a weird month. I got a respiratory infection that had me coughing for whole nights and made me unable to sleep several nights. I ended up going to the doctor and taking a lot of meds and strong antibiotics. I am fine now, but i kinda took  two weeks to rest.… Continue reading Piles of Boxes

Ron The Alpha

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Hey everyone. I got some bad news on my end. As you remember, last month i was only able to post a single page. It seems that july is going to be the same. Unless you guys don’t mind me posting a WIP page later at Patreon today. I am delayed with the rewards and… Continue reading Ron The Alpha

All About My Mother

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Hey guys! Gonna be brief for now. I am very busy  at the moment trying to catch up with my workload since i am delayed a couple of months from plan. I should be fine, i just have little time in general.   Also, is that a new logo i see there? XD   Thanks… Continue reading All About My Mother