Escape Goat

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Hello everyone!! New page is up and we get to see a very angry raccoon on it. XD Anyways… as far as annoucnements go i will post the new page of Tina of the South during this week. As i said before, chapter 1 will be on my tab and i they will be around… Continue reading Escape Goat

Quit Whining

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The katbox is back! I want to apologize forĀ  the rocky server moving we had. Seems like we underestimated our traffic. Also i want to point out that 90% of this page was done last friday which means a big improvement from my time scheduling from the past times. Also to remind you all that… Continue reading Quit Whining

Don’t Poke It

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Hello everyone!   I just have to say that it was long since a single page gave me so much trouble. But i was finally able to figure out what to do for this week just today. I am actually surprised that it too me so short to sketch, ink, color and finish the comic… Continue reading Don’t Poke It

The Death Of A God

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Hello everyone! Well, i got a lot to say about this page. I was late because i really REALLY had a hard time coming up with the script. The Eye of Ramalach actually deals with the aftermath of the events of my main story. Those that watch my DeviantArt and FurAffinity galleries will know that… Continue reading The Death Of A God

The Last Guardian

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New page of They Eye this week and the following one is half done. I know a lot of you guys got very impatient with the shady schedule. And i acknowledge that i am not that good at dealing with people. I do invite those interested to follow my twitter account (easy access above the… Continue reading The Last Guardian

So Shiny!!!

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Page 129. I will be trying to give more details in the backgrounds now that they are back in Neon City. I wish to make the city look alive. This is last week’s update. I will be posting Tina of the South this week also. And the next weekend it is time for The Eye… Continue reading So Shiny!!!