Cat And Mouse

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Hello everyone! Things have been interesting. My sister managed to land a job  at Polaris (the motorbike guys) and this is a huge deal for her since this is quite the big job and it has a lot of amazing bonuses. This left me thinking a lot about what i am doing with my life.… Continue reading Cat And Mouse

Don’t Be Sad

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Hello everyone! Avencri here! So this is the last page of the year, i made it barely in time. I got behind schedule  for the last couple of weeks. Those of you that follow my posts already know what happened to my sister and how badly my family ended up economically after the insurance company… Continue reading Don’t Be Sad

Pamper The Dragon

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Hello everyone!   Well, i have been totally speechless at how you all have reacted and supported the crowdfunding to help pay the medical expenses of my sister. To be honest i am a bit shy about saying anything about it since i honestly got no proper words to say how grateful i am with… Continue reading Pamper The Dragon


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Sorry but i don’t have much to say on this update. I was running out of time for this month due to some sleep issues i have been having and other stuff in the backlog. So i had to resort to updating twice this week. Over this past month, i have been basically my sister’s… Continue reading Douchebro

Ben The Meatshield

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Hello everyone! Happy Valentine’s day to you all! Well this was a fun page to do, for quite some time i strugged to figure out how to show a bit of Ben’s backstory and this was a great opportunity to show a bit of him and Ron in the past. I would also like to… Continue reading Ben The Meatshield

Personal Boundaries

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Hello everyone! Well, first i just want to thank everyone that helped with the donation crowdfunding since you guys made it become a success!! This means that all medical bills are able to be paid with little to no interestest from the bank. So far we have paid 2/3rds of the whole sum and the… Continue reading Personal Boundaries

Hell Hath No Fury

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Well i got in touch with my parents, and they have paid most of the debt already. They just don’t want to deposit the whole sum on the spot to avoid getting attention form unwanted sources. I’d hate to say it but yeah my hometown has grown it’s share of malicious people. This is one… Continue reading Hell Hath No Fury

Slip Of The Tongue

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Hello everyone! Two updates on one week!?!? Well this means i don’t really have much to say from what i wrote on the Tina update. Other than that, i have been rather comfortable this week i have spent alone at my place. Regarding the mustard on my sheets, i found out a sliced mustard package… Continue reading Slip Of The Tongue

From Liar To Liar

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Hello everyone!   Well, this is going to be an interesting week, i am at my folk’s housitting while they go to a trip south of the country related to Lion’s Club International. This means i got free good and total privacy… beside being annoyed by the 13 year old family chihuahua that just HAS… Continue reading From Liar To Liar

Dreamy Raccoon

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Hello everyone! I honestly don’t have much to say at the moment. Just kind of planning for my birthday next month and see if my friends can all go at a certain date. Since we all have jobs and own schedules managing to get a day and time we can all show up at is… Continue reading Dreamy Raccoon