The Magic Murder Bag

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Hello everyone! Well… last week was weird. So… last tuesday i went to my local supermarket to get some food. I forgot that tuesdays are cheap produce days. So the whole place was swarmed by senior citizens stocking up on goods. So i now stand in line with the cashiers. I realize that this days, the packing people… Continue reading The Magic Murder Bag

The Flaming Sword

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Hello everyone! Well being a adult makes organizing parties a real chore. The neighbor union decided that we are no longer able to have BBQs at our place so my usual way to celebrate is unavvaiable until they change their mind. So i had no other choice but to try to get all my friends… Continue reading The Flaming Sword

The Meek Mouse

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Hello everyone! Avencri here, and older than the last time i posted. The lunch i had with my friend went out really well and i missed everyone so much. Very pleasant. I got Little Mac’s amiibo figure as a gift too which is amazing since i have been hunting that one for a long time.… Continue reading The Meek Mouse

Eugene And Alexei

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Hello everyone!   Not many news at the moment. Due to some important real life stuff happening behind the scenes i got a bit late on the comic updates and i will try to update twice this week to make up for it. I’ll come with more details on the next update in a couple… Continue reading Eugene And Alexei

Anger And Paranoia

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Hello everyone! Well i know i said i was gonna say my updated news on this update but i haven’t been feeling that well lately. Well, it feels great to finally reach this point in the story. This is another spot i was really excited to reach just as when Mayte attacked the team a… Continue reading Anger And Paranoia

Caving In

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Hello everyone! It has been a big month i guess, been busier than usual. I am also preparing to make a big expense since my car broke down and i need a new hydraulic valve for it. I haven’t gotten the actual price for the new piece but i know it is very expensive and… Continue reading Caving In

A Deal For O’Raelly

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Hello everyone! Not many news to be honest, been working quite some extra to gather funds to get my car’s hydraulic system fixed so i can finally move around the city. Paying off but also leaves me qutie exhausted. Thanks for your support!

Our New Life

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Good am i busy at this part of the year, sorry for the lack of updates, been working my ass off these past few weeks. Yesterday i saw the new version of “The Magnificent Seven”. I thought it was quite enjoyable if rather predictable if you know your western cliches. Fun to see a remake… Continue reading Our New Life

Parting Ways

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Hello everyone! I feel like i got a lot of things to say this time but i honestly can’t really remember anything. I got my car back and it is working fine. I just need to work a bit harder on commissions because i used some of my life savings to complete the price tag… Continue reading Parting Ways