Hi There, Stud!

Hi There, Stud! published on No Comments on Hi There, Stud!

Hello everyone! I am happy to start this new chapter in the comic. Been planning Marianne’s personality and background for a while now and i am really excited to have her completely introduced in the comic besides just being the pretty coworker. I am also a bit nervous but i managed to pull Jane decently… Continue reading Hi There, Stud!

Time Displacement

Time Displacement published on No Comments on Time Displacement

Last page of the year! Thanks again for reading the comic and being supportive guys! It means a lot! I wasn’t able to do the 10 year anniversary celebration as i wanted and had planned due to the circumstances with my sister, but i still want to do something special for the occassion. Last couple… Continue reading Time Displacement

The Bully

The Bully published on 3 Comments on The Bully

Hello everyone! Well, The Katbox is still down so i will be posting the comic on Patreon for the time being. Sorry about that issue but we are taking a bit longer than what we thought. Also this is an interesting page for me. Pretty much based on personal experiences here based on my earlier… Continue reading The Bully

The Lost Prince

The Lost Prince published on 11 Comments on The Lost Prince

Hello everyone! Well this past week has been unreal and very scary to be honest, i am honestly afraid for my future, the one for my family and the one for my country. I honestly don’t really know what to think at this moment. I am specially afraid when i realized that there are a… Continue reading The Lost Prince

It’s Ya Boy, Mugger!

It’s Ya Boy, Mugger! published on 10 Comments on It’s Ya Boy, Mugger!

Hello everyone! New page is up! I just realized midcoloring that the weasel guy seems to be a member of Team Skull so that is proof that he is a loser in life. XDAnd because of this, this new page needs to be set to proper music! On a different note… Ron just got himself… Continue reading It’s Ya Boy, Mugger!

More Hot Coffee

More Hot Coffee published on 39 Comments on More Hot Coffee

Hello everyone! Well i missed the deadline for february because i am an idiot! Anyways, March is upon us, i got many birthdays from close friends coming in the following days so i will have a pretty busy first half of the month. Also, raccoons are noisy little bastards. I guess Fio will have a… Continue reading More Hot Coffee

A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess published on 23 Comments on A Beautiful Mess

Some people just can’t appreciate how good they have it. The stale pizza giving life lessons was originaly going to be a cockroach shaming Ron. Decided to opt out of that one. I am also happy to show Marianne’s mess of a room. Been wanting to get to this point for a while now. Ron… Continue reading A Beautiful Mess

Leave It To Beaver

Leave It To Beaver published on 25 Comments on Leave It To Beaver

Haha, sorry for the prank page. The real update is now online! Also several people asked me if i was waiting a long time to make a page with this title. I honestly don’t know the answer. XD One thing i did learn though… shitty dubs are for wusses.