Blabbermouth published on 13 Comments on Blabbermouth

Well, these have been quite the past few weeks. So i went on Easter vacations to visit my family and used that whole week to rest. I was supposed to go back home the sunday of resurrection and get back to my usual schedule. We woke up that day to the news that my grandmother… Continue reading Blabbermouth

Let’s Err Together

Let’s Err Together published on 5 Comments on Let’s Err Together

Hello everyone! Avencri here.      Ok, things have been weird. Today is the last mass from my family’s part regarding my grandmother. We are placing her ashes in the family crypt next to one of my aunts later tonight. Not sure what else is being planned by the family so i am pretty sure i won’t… Continue reading Let’s Err Together

Language Barrier

Language Barrier published on 36 Comments on Language Barrier

Oh boy! I had this page planned for a very long time now and i am happy to finally being able to do this one! I just want to thank those that helped me with the french translations, mainly Cervelet and Windridershiva! This time the french should be grammaticaly correct so that it shows that… Continue reading Language Barrier

Old Flame, Fancy Scar

Old Flame, Fancy Scar published on 10 Comments on Old Flame, Fancy Scar

Wow… 200 pages on the next update! I am honestly very surprised. I am not sure if i will be doing something special for the occasion or not. I know some people have bashed me because it has taken me this long to do 200 pages. I can’t change what people think, i have been… Continue reading Old Flame, Fancy Scar

The Meek Shall Inherit

The Meek Shall Inherit published on 12 Comments on The Meek Shall Inherit

Hello everyone! Boy have i been making a lot of “Little Shop of Horrors” references with my pages. I just love that movie/play. Not much to say at this moment, i just finds it really refreshing to get the excuse to draw several ugly as hell character for this page. And Ned Flanders for some… Continue reading The Meek Shall Inherit

Childhood Sweetheart

Childhood Sweetheart published on 4 Comments on Childhood Sweetheart

Hello everyone! I honestly don’t have much to say at the moment. Visiting family for the weekend since it is my dad’s birthday and wifi back there is kind of a horrible pain. On the bright side i should be working on comics and commissions and patreon rewards. Also, i reached the point in the… Continue reading Childhood Sweetheart

Shady Indeed

Shady Indeed published on 13 Comments on Shady Indeed

Well, things do need to be done in a complete way to avoid leaks or unsavory stuff. As long as Ron doesn’t retort to hide Mistahs corpse under the floorboards… I went to the doctor yesterday, i got a new set of meds that are WAY cheaper than the previous ones. He also told me… Continue reading Shady Indeed

The Matchmaker

The Matchmaker published on 5 Comments on The Matchmaker

Well i have been delayed with everything due to underestimating some personal chores and dues. I have also spent way more money in a single month on repairs and maintenance than i have done so on years.  Basically… i made some mistakes with the stuff that needed to be done. Speaking of stuff to be… Continue reading The Matchmaker

Razzle Dazzle Me

Razzle Dazzle Me published on 13 Comments on Razzle Dazzle Me

Been trying to stay positive but to be honest it is getting harder and harder for me to do it. I am a socially awkward person and i struggle to make friends because of that. The ones i have i value a lot since they are hard to replace for me. So it really baffles… Continue reading Razzle Dazzle Me