Friendly Gifts

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Hello everyone! If you have been following my Twitter or my Patreon account you will know that last week i had a major hardware failure with my rig. My videocard simply stopped working and that caused me to loose some various updates since that happened while i was out of town during Spring Break. On… Continue reading Friendly Gifts

Taxi Tour

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Hello everyone! Avencri here! I want to give special thanks to Mihari for helping me big time with this page. I was struggling with the dialogues and had some panels that were sort of not needed. She did a great job on this page. ^^ Well if you follow my twitter you might know that… Continue reading Taxi Tour

The Silentman

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Hello guys! Looks like Mayte just made a new friend! XD Don’t have many news at the moment, which i guess it is a good thing based on the last update news i delivered to you guys. Been more productive, and currently working on some artwork for the cast section of Tina of the South.… Continue reading The Silentman

The Queen’s Dolls

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Hello everyone! What has happened this month? Quite a lot to be honest. First and most important, this november my parents have their 40th wedding anniversary. My two sisters and I decided to gift them a wholy paid trip to a destination of their choosing. And after a lot of saving i managed to get… Continue reading The Queen’s Dolls

We Interrupt Our Program

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Not much to say this week to be honest. I have been excited about having this particular part of the story for a long time now so i am happy to have Terrato and Mayte in a single room now. Things are going to be interesting! Other than that… things have been rather messy at… Continue reading We Interrupt Our Program

You killed Brain! You bastard!

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Hello everyone! Oh boy was this a busy number of weeks!! I’ll just keep it short for now. My boss got married and went on his honeymoon for several weeks. He left me in charge of his job while he was out and boy was it crazy!!! I had not been this tired since back… Continue reading You killed Brain! You bastard!

Shoot the medic first!

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Hello everyone! Well yesterday i was at a friend’s wedding, she had two cakes which were kind of funny together. One was a standar white wedding cake, the other was a mess of chocolate and a giant motorcycle wheel. The chocolate simulated mud and it was randomly sprayed on the white cake. I thought it… Continue reading Shoot the medic first!

Pop goes the weasel!

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Well… that hurts. Happy 2015 everyone? On a very different subject i do have to give some bad ┬ánews from my part. Back in the middle of december my newspaper was the target of a rather hostile takeover by the inversionists. They had the 51% of the actions so there was little we could do,… Continue reading Pop goes the weasel!

How cute of you!!

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What to say? Having more free time has made me more productive with the artwork. I have been WAY more productive in the last two months than a very long ago. I also managed to finish all comissions i owed to people and now i am moving to Patreon prizes i need to deliver. This… Continue reading How cute of you!!

Destroy All Monsters!!!

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Well… i would freak out if i saw a giant chewed torso and a huge snake duking it out just outside my house… but people to have a tendendy to record everything they see. I also realized that i default to pigs very often when i want to draw random people. Accoring to people on… Continue reading Destroy All Monsters!!!