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A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess published on 23 Comments on A Beautiful Mess

Some people just can’t appreciate how good they have it.

The stale pizza giving life lessons was originaly going to be a cockroach shaming Ron. Decided to opt out of that one.

I am also happy to show Marianne’s mess of a room. Been wanting to get to this point for a while now. Ron idolized a fictional version of her all this time inside his head and reality is not what he expected. Grass is greener on the other side of the fence i guess.

Thanks for the support everyone!


From the way she said “Let’s do this!” I am imagening that they will be all sweaty and dirty with foam, crashing on floor in Marianne’s room, waking her up just to catch them in a curious pose! X”D
And goodness, those racoons and their desire to wash everything!
Beware, Mari, Ron will wash you while you sleep! :”D
Also, I imagine, that when Marianne wakes up, her room will be squeaky clean and the first sentence would be: “What the heck?! Where’s my stuff? Everything was in its natural order!”

Was the old pizza talking to Ron in the 4th panel?

And please let Ron put on some pants before cleaning. Unless she’s fine with it. 😝

DANG! For a woman, she sure does keep a messy room, but then again, she is an athlete so that does take care of that. But still, I’m surprised she’s too lazy to pick up at least a pizza box or clean up the red paint…at least I’m hoping it’s paint and not blood. I will admit that I do find the little hockey stuff animal to be really cute looking.

And hopefully Ron FINALLY realizes his own complex now. Seriously, it normally takes two people to make someone realize their own faults as the first person is normally ignored due to emotional/personal reasons.

And I can’t tell if Fio is more impressed with the fact that Ron is cleaning up the room or is more interested in his “package.” XD

Wait a minute…Maty’s Pizza? OH! Is that MatyMaty’s Pizza as in the pink hair dog?

Expired birth control? Uh oh…

I actually think it’s good to question things in relationships. For one, sex on the first date isn’t the best place to start a relationship. I mean, Ron hadn’t even learned some of the basic things about Marianne (like that she paints and she’s messy) before they got in bed together. And two, I still can’t get over their age difference. It’s even bigger than the “age-gap rule:” half of your/their age plus seven. Marianne would need to be at least 23 to fit this rule (and even that would feel wrong to me). For me, the age gap should be no more than 3 years if at least one of the people is less than 30, and no more than 5 years if both of the people are older than 30. So, yeah, like I said on the previous comic, it just feels wrong to me. I’m still trying to decide whether or not to continue reading because of this. Anyway, keep up the good work regardless!

I appreciate that you shared this, even though I disagree with most every thing you said (I’ll agree that sex on the first date isn’t a great idea usually, but it happens, and occasionally does work out. Nixing a relationship just because of that doesn’t make sense – and, in fact, if either dumps the other because of it, I’d think of them as a jerk (it feels a bit too much like “I wanted sex from you, and I’ve got it, so I’m throwing you away now”-logic. which is a terrible thing); and hey, while Ron might have been caught up in his own illusions, this date might have confirmed Mari’s ideas about him, and so she’s going for someone whom she feels she knows well *shrug* perspective is tricky).

As to the age gap…well, if that rule works for you, that’s fine – but I know a fairly hefty number of couples that were wider than that at the start, as well as many that fit your criteria, and neither show a greater or lesser degree of stability or happiness (as can be determined by outside observation, obviously). Not saying you are wrong, or that your experiences don’t bear out what you are saying, just that mine don’t.

To me, if its “who you love,” it’s who you love – life is going to throw so many worse things at you, sweating a minor detail isn’t worth it; don’t let it wreck your chance at joy! (yes, there are conversations to be had around age, and they are important, but that’s different from saying “you are x-years older or younger* than me, and so I can’t possibly date you”)

*Listen to the pizza box!* XD

*this is not an argument for pedophilia. (it’s the internet, someone would go there. whoever you are, knock it off.)

Yes, I know that sex happens on the first date, but I’m not saying that they shouldn’t try having a relationship because of it. I’m just saying that they should slow things down and learn more about each other first. And I agree with you that having sex and then dumping someone is just stupid.

I also know that many relationships have [had] huge age gaps, that “age is just a number” and “you love who you love,” but even though I know these things, it still bothers me. Oh, and as far as “not sweating it” goes – I can’t help it. I have OCD and obsess over minor and unimportant details such as this. Now then, would I dismiss a relationship due to the age gap? I wish I could say I wouldn’t, but because of the way my brain is wired, I would. I hate it when I know things but feel the exact opposite.

As for me, I’ve never been in a relationship and never will be since I’m
an aromantic asexual, an introverted loner and I have social anxiety. The single life is for me. Perhaps this, along
with my OCD, is why I’m bothered by age gaps. I don’t know.

That all is perfectly fair. OCD does a lot of interesting things to perception and interaction. It must be hard on you.

They probably should slow down a bit…though, how you do that gets complicated, especially given Mari’s personality, which seems to be very hard driving…which is a really good reason not to get into this situation in the first place, I think we can agree; not that it helps this pair at this point.

I’m sorry if my comment implied you were in a relationship, or should want to be in one, and clearly I did make some assumptions about why the gap bothered you. My apologies, my privilege is showing.

What the hell does Flo’s shirt say? Dam what? Oyster? Master? Blaster? Inside Beaver Joke?

I appreciate we didn’t fall into a stupid anime cliche, but that Fio looked at all the evidence, and came to a proper conclusion.

The fact that she’s willing to help makes her a godsend of a room mate XD hopefully Mari won’t get too mad about the cleaning after.

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