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A Girl Loves Some Ribs

A Girl Loves Some Ribs published on No Comments on A Girl Loves Some Ribs

Hello guys!

Well these two updates were kind of closer to each other than usual. That is because i lost a lot of time trying to get the scripts for this part done in a way that was sort of cute and felt more natural. While i consider myself to do well at planning stories and plotpoints, writting dialogues is not my strong point. In this case i wasted some weeks on failed scripts until i has to actually retort to friends for help in them.

Other than that this is a very busy week! Halloween is this saturday, and i am going to a Halloween party with my old coworkers at the newspaper. It is going to be bittersweet since i really miss them. Then on the second of November we got The Day of the Dead. I am planning on delivering a really sweet gift for my followers for that day so stay tuned for next week! ^^

I am also preparing for a special and every important announcement in the following weeks/months.


Thanks a lot for the support guys!

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