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A Queen’s Vow

A Queen’s Vow published on No Comments on A Queen’s Vow

Hello guys!

Not much new stuff to say at the moment since the last update was recent. Just that this weekend was really awesome since i got to see a lot of my friends and hang out with my family due to my birthday.

I went to this argentinian restaurante called “El Gaucho”, the food was terrific and a whole thing to watch to be honest. We ordered a “churrascada” which was a whole section of the cow served in a single piece in the middle of the table. 1.5 kilograms of meat just tossed there, it was amazing. XD

I also had the chance to hang out with my friends (which i hadn’t seen in person for months now due to work) and played Smash all day long… i got my ass kicked horribly but i enjoyed it. XD

One of my friends actually gave me this weird comic or graphic novel called “Captain Raptor and the Moon Mystery” that is about dinosaurs in space. I had never heard of it but it was hilarious. ^^

All in all, it was a really enjoyable time i must say!  Thanks for reading! =D

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