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Anger And Paranoia

Anger And Paranoia published on No Comments on Anger And Paranoia

Hello everyone!

Well i know i said i was gonna say my updated news on this update but i haven’t been feeling that well lately.

Well, it feels great to finally reach this point in the story. This is another spot i was really excited to reach just as when Mayte attacked the team a while ago.

Been playing Monster Hunter Generations, the new arts system is quite amazing and i have found a good distraction in my usual nights of sleep deprivation. Still taking that herbal tea, it has been helping quite a lot.

I am also quite hyped with World of Warcraft Legion, been farming old raids for transmogs.

I also got two packages yesterday night. The first one was my print of the Uberquest Kickstarter and i got a nice doodle of Claire with it. The other is a package ID sent me with some Anthrocon loot. Lackadaisy, Dreamkeepers, Broken Plot Device, Anaria and other goodies. That actually helped my mood by a lot!

I have also been going out with friends a lot lately, i had started to become a bit of a hermit so going out and hang out, watch Finding Dory and The Killing Joke with friends at the teather was a good change of pace.

I guess i don’t have much to say after this. Thanks for reading.

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