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Autothysis published on 48 Comments on Autothysis

Back from the sudden unplanned hiatus and finally moving out to show the comic’s antagonist show his true colors.

Well these past weeks i learned some stuff: i seriously underestimated my boss’s workload. Doing his job for a couple of weeks was exhausting. Also that double shifts are a pain to go trough. And finally that my new neighbor hates my guts and is making me really uncomfortable.


Well, uh, that sure was creepy!

I’ll take the compliment.

You have a good track record with your landlord, cuz u have been a renter 4 five years. The noob is the one who should go……unless youwant a change.

The problem is that the landlord doesn’t want to loose income. She will try to keep us both even if she asks silly stuff to me to appease the woman below.

Oh, I see, he should complain about the complaining. Hmm. That might work, but it might make him look like a complainer. And I don’t think she’d evict anybody over that… I think it would be better to try to reason with the lady below his apartment. Maybe she’ll compromise.

Well, This is interesting. Also Welcome back from your Hiatus. If you dont mind me askin, Why does your Neighbor hates your guts?

Because she is lying to the landlord about her allergies (one of my sisters is a medic and she is pretty sure her symptoms are not what happens when you have an allergy to cats. I also have a friend that IS allergic to cat and he said the same thing about the symptoms) as well as giving us a rather hostile feeling all around while putting a saint facade when the landlord is around. Just to prove a point… i have lived here for 5 years with no incidents whatsoever… then this woman moves in back January and all this happens.

Not only am I allergic to cats, but I also have mild asthma that prolonged exposure to cats tends to trigger. I didn’t know about the allergy until after our family got our first cat. That didn’t stop me from getting another cat after our first one passed away though. I deal with it just like I have to deal with any number of things in my life because the positives far exceed the negatives. Tell your neighbor to suck it up and get herself a nice loving cat for herself. Maybe then she’ll learn to appreciate them a little better.

Mind if i ask what your symptoms are?

Mainly just itchy, watery eyes. The nose gets a little stuffy and runny. I usually get hives on the arm, but it really isn’t all that severe. Then there’s the trouble breathing as well.

It mainly comes from direct contact, or from contacting something that a cat has had direct contact with. Though one of my friends has several cats, about 6 or 8 I think (I’m not certain that I’ve actually seen them all. Just the ones that tend to be more social), and just being in his house is enough to trigger symptoms.

I’m not certain what your neighbor’s symptoms are, but some people tend to be more sensitive than others or have more severe reactions. But there’s not really too many more symptoms that somebody with cat allergies might have. *Shrugs*

Swollen legs. I have never heard or read of that reaction towards cats before. It is not even a rash. just swollen. My sister (who is a medic by the way) says that it sounds more like a circulatory problem. Yet i am getting the blame.

While sometimes the allergy symptoms do depend on the individual cat’s fur texture, I have never seen swollen legs without a rash as a reaction to anything furry. Swollen legs can be caused by just about anything, and even if the cat rubbed directly on their legs there should be other symptoms. Nothing there indicates that the cat is the culprit.

Yay! Update!I’ve been waiting for quite some time now, to see where this one was going to take us.

Also, I’m currently writing an entry for the Valentine’s day contest that takes place in Neon City, and I was wondering if there was anyway I could find out more about the layout of the city. Like if there was a park in the city, or even just a tree… We haven’t seen many of those.

Hey. I haven’t addressed much of the city layout until now but it will be important for the rest of the story. Neon City for the most part is all buildings and lights. But there is a gigantic park in the middle of the city full of trees. There are also giant tree roots that disrupt the streets or the buildings every now and then, i´ll explain those in future pages quite soon by the way.

Well, I do like that shadow being thing in the last panel, it is very cool. Sorry that things haven’t been going well – were you at least well paid for this madness at work?

well glad to see you’re back, me, being paranoid, was thinking the worst had happened (you don’t wanna know), but its good that everything is alright, sorry to hear about the workload and the neighbor though. Nice shift in the story line, it’s getting really interesting now

This is so disgusting it’s funny.

Or so funny it’s disgusting

Or both… Whatever it is, I like it!

Good to see your comic return. I figured RL was was to blame for the hiatus. Bummer on the increased workload and that psycho neighbor of yours. That swollen leg symptom of hers sounds like a circulation problem, not an allergy to animal dander. I’d be darned if I’d move and disrupt my life for that nutjob.

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