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Awful Timing

Awful Timing published on No Comments on Awful Timing

Hello everyone!!

Not much to say this time around. Been rather busy this month with more family stuff and having some serious trouble keeping up with my sleep schedule. Breen trying some herbal teas, not eating after 8:00 pm and a lot ot other stuff. It works for a week or so but suddenly i spent a whole night unable to sleep and that messes my metabolism again. Not sure what to do… i got this from my mother but both of my sisters can sleep like a rock with no issues. Sort of envy them.

Other than that, well apparently i am going to spend a whole month alone at my place since my sister is moving away for a 30 days to the capital of the country due to work. And while i really appreciate having my privacy, i am sort of nervous at the same time.

On a comic related issue, i am REALLY happy to be formarly introducing Jane to the webcomic. For those that are not aware, she is one of my favourite and oldest characters. She is one of the protagonists of the story that happens before The Eye of Ramalach and i am thrilled to have her around now, even if her role is going to be very different. I have told friends before that i am afraid of not properly portraying her as close as to what i have in my head. Friends have told me i should not worry since i am the one that actually knows her well, but i can’t help but to feel nervous about it. Is it silly?

Thanks for reading everyone!

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