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Ben’s Rant

Ben’s Rant published on No Comments on Ben’s Rant

Hello everyone!


First of all i want to plug the Uberquest Kickstarter again, It is almost at half the days for the kickstarter and it already reached the goal but any new people supporting the project will help reach the stretchgoals! Give the site a look!

In other news, i am working on a new portfolio and start looking for jobs more actively than before. I recently found an opening at a place i tried to apply years ago but after doing some research from several close sources i found out only bad news about that place. It is kind of sad that most jobs here in Mexico are horribly misshandled and workers get little to no respect from the employers. I am honestly bummed by this but i will keep on working on the portfolio and possible opening. At this point i am willing to test a lot of things.

Other than that not much else to say at the moment. I just want to show gratitude to the readers for now. It means alot that you keep checking for the comic’s updates.

See you on the next page!

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