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Bond Of Secrets

Bond Of Secrets published on 9 Comments on Bond Of Secrets

Well it seems like the group did manage  to find some resemblance of order with the new additions.

What are news for this update? To be honest i can’t really think of much, my plans for a Visa are probably delayed some months due to communication problems with my accountant.

I am also bummed about the death of Totalbiscuit, been following his content since Wrath of the Lich King Beta and well… he was my age. Makes me really question  my own health.

I can’t think of much, probably just preparing a reunion with my friends for the end of june for my birthday. I still haven’t decided, but maybe i will invite them all to a korean grill bar i found and loved.

See you on the next update! =D


Even in real life, human-skin leather exists, but we don’t condemn all leather because of it. In the same way, leather in this universe likely comes from non-sapient animals, and leather that doesn’t is probably frowned upon. It’s no more creepy than anthropomorphic animals eating meat, really.

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