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Childhood Sweetheart

Childhood Sweetheart published on 4 Comments on Childhood Sweetheart

Hello everyone!

I honestly don’t have much to say at the moment. Visiting family for the weekend since it is my dad’s birthday and wifi back there is kind of a horrible pain.

On the bright side i should be working on comics and commissions and patreon rewards.

Also, i reached the point in the webcomic where i can finally start the bonus storyline for my Patreon followers since it is a branch out of the current events. It’s gonna be a bit of an experiment so i really hope things go well in this regard! ^^

Benjamin and Virginia in that last panel? UNRESOLVED SEXUAL TENSION!!!

Thanks for the support guys!


Man…Been and Virginia really have some tension going on there…some sexual tension. XD
Kidding aside though, I really hope Virginia doesn’t misinterpret Ron’s “invitation” to mean something more than catching up, like a one night stand of sorts.

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