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Coffee For The Hangover

Coffee For The Hangover published on No Comments on Coffee For The Hangover

Hello everyone!

Well this month has been quite something. I learned that i suffer from hypertension. I spent some weeks afraid for my future and getting several medical tests. To be honest, i wasn’t sure how i would deal with the whole thing.
Well, i was honestly surprised to hear from so many people around me that hipertension seems to be so common and yet nobody talked about it. Family and close friends, that actually gives me quite a bit of a new perspective. I should have also seen this coming since my mother has this and i kind of got my insomnia spells from her too.
Anyways, i am visiting a cardiologist and all my tests have come out negative. I got nothing wrong… besides the blood pressure thing. This is a huge relief, but i sure spent a lot of cash on those tests and the medic appointment. More than i was expecting.
Well, this week i am having some friends come over for a visit. It should be fun and i have prepared a schedule for the whole thing. I am really looking forward to that. I’ll post news on this if needed.
On a final note, i just want to ask a bit more of patience for the patreon rewards. I didn’t do as many as i wanted this month due to being up and down going to the hospital, laboratories and medic appointments. This is the same reason why i don’t think i will finish the two pages of February on time.
Thanks for reading everyone!

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