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Conjunctivitis published on 2 Comments on Conjunctivitis

Here we are again and finally got to the point where everything that has happened (including the fridge tumor and the pea headed creature) will start to make sense.

Also, the last panel will show Ron’s status as for the rest of the comic run. I sure hope this is a surprise… even if people that dug in my DA gallery might ended up being spoiled. XD

As for the poster of the secret contraband room. That is actually the first drawing i ever did of Lucy. For those that don’t know, Lucy is the rabbit girl that is a friend of Tina in Tina of the South. She has been seriously updated ever since i did that little image in 2005.

Anyways, i just want to remind everyone that when page 20 of Tina of the South the rest of the chapter will be on my tab. This is because Tina of the South started as a donation comic to get me out of a jam when i was unemployed and since i finally got a job this year i just think it would be better of me to give the rest of the chapter for free. Any extra donation will be tossed to chapter 2 while i finish chapter 1.

Anyways… i am grateful for you the readers to come visit my little corner.


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