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Dead End

Dead End published on 1 Comment on Dead End

Hello everyone! I am actually excited the comic got to this point. I remember drawing this scene and posting it on my Deviantart account back in 2010 i believe. Some stuff has changed, Ron was suited up in the original draft with a brown coat and a red tie. He also didn’t have a broken arm or a bloody nose either. But yeah, we got to a point i have been planning for a long time now and i am really happy!

Also, it seems that the site rework is finally moving forward. I again apologize for the barebones look of the page these past few months. Things were a bit weird on my end it seems…

Not sure what else to say at the moment. Just a reminder that i will be going to AC this year so if you are there, be sure to drop a visit along with the rest of the Katbox people!

Best of luck!

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