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Do The Thing!

Do The Thing! published on 10 Comments on Do The Thing!

Hey everyone!

Been really busy these last few weeks dealing with family and personal stuff. I apologize for the lack of updates. I will be doing day long streams in january to catch up with the Patreon requests i have been unable to work on.

For now, i just want yo wish everyone a Merry Christmas!


Huh. I find Lilly oddly hot. After this is resolved, probably won’t see her again. Although, didn’t expect to see Rupert again either.

What is it in her case? The giant lips? XD

Hrmmmm. Now that I think about it, those lips are pretty alluring. Tone and yoga pants are definitely a boon too.😏 I’d say that another part of it seems to her design combined with her attitude. Punkish but also a bit principled. It makes me want to want to know more about her as a character, as opposed to the hipster-looking thug and the skeevy other two. So, great job on that!

it feels so odd seeing a slender panda anthro, i kind of want all of them to be a bit stockier since they are bears and all, still don’t think she looks bad it just jars me somewhat for some odd reason.

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