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Don’t Be Sad

Don’t Be Sad published on No Comments on Don’t Be Sad

Hello everyone! Avencri here!

So this is the last page of the year, i made it barely in time. I got behind schedule  for the last couple of weeks. Those of you that follow my posts already know what happened to my sister and how badly my family ended up economically after the insurance company screwed us over. Basically they took something i said while panicking at the ER and trying to  be helpful, i learned the hardway that you have to be completely silent when taking someone to the hospital or the insurance company will use that against you while ignoring the clinical history of the person in question. Funny thing is that in the previous post i wrote about how interested i was in getting medical insurance, after what happened… i honestly don’t know anymore.

Anyways, the guys at Katbox (ID, Mihari and Curran in particular) decided to help my father get out of his new debt with the bank and started a crowdfunding campaing to help lessen his credit burden. I am totally speechless at how my friends have acted and i really wish i could do more to help them. I am a bit afraid of talking about this  if i am being honest, but my family IS in need at the moment. All i am going to ask is to check the crowdfunding site for the details on the story and even if you can’t afford some help, at least word of mouth is great. Go visit the  Crowdfunding site!!

Other than this, i want to thank you all for bearing with me and my comic for a whole other year. Also keep an eye for the 5 new comics coming to the Katbox in 2016!!!

Best of luck!

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