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Don’t Leave Me Alone Again!

Don’t Leave Me Alone Again! published on No Comments on Don’t Leave Me Alone Again!

Hello everyone!

Well things got a bit weird back at my parent’s place. My mother slipped on wet floor and fractured her condyle bone. According to the doctor she will make a good recovery in 4 weeks. The problem we had was very different. Having her whole arm immobilized means that she is pretty much unable to do most of the stuff she is used to and this really took a huge toll on her mentally.

She got severely depressed and i was very worried. I have spent some days at her place taking care of the chorse and driving her around. For a time she wouldn’t even ¬†groom herself or recieve any friends, visits or calls. I was very worried since i had never seen anyone react like that to a fracture before. On better news, she is recovering emotionally by now and is doing a lot better, even allowing friends to visit and see her. I was very worried if i am going to be honest.

Other than that, my New 3DS with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (special edition 3DS by the way) arrived and i am having a blast! Love that game but wow… people sure are huge asses when it comes to Urgent Quests in multiplayer. Leaving when they complete their own and not helping the others in the room. Or even leaving if someone else posted the quest. I don’t remember people being this caustic during Monster Hunter 3. O_O

Anyways, thanks for reading guys!

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