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Sorry but i don’t have much to say on this update. I was running out of time for this month due to some sleep issues i have been having and other stuff in the backlog. So i had to resort to updating twice this week.

Over this past month, i have been basically my sister’s personal driver and errand boy. So i have had to push myself to her schedule. My main issue is that i have a lot of trouble falling asleep (i got that from my mother it seems). So i usually fix that by waking up a bit later than usual to offset my sleep problem. But now since i need to get up really early to drive my sister to work, i have ended up with a serious lack of sleep which in turn makes me letargic during the day. My productivity has sunk over the past few weeks due to this situation. I am not sure how to remedy that since even if i try to go to sleep earlier than usual, i am unable to do so.

Take care everyone! The crowdfunding is still going and the we only need the last third. Thanks again all of you!

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