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Drunkies published on 22 Comments on Drunkies
Well, first post of the year 2018.
Last year i spend 6 months on treatment for my back, was trying to get my lumbar nerve into a more healthy state so that the doctor would finally be able to check my back and tell me if i need surgery or just to push my discs into place. But out of nowhere in december i heard and felt a snap on my back (i was not lifting nor pushing anything at the moment) and a sharp pain left me unable to move or twist properly. I spent almost two weeks on bed being not able to do much.
Due to that i was not able to work on anything and i was also unable to work on the comic pages for the month. Ever since i left the newspaper, this is the first time i have missed my updates. In two or 3 years i guess? I feel bad.
At least i am back to posting now. Thanks for reading everyone!


Drunk stories are best stories. its always a riot to try and figure out what the fuck happened while the characters were blackout drunk

Wait… I feel like something was skipped here, like something MAJOR, considering we’re getting this “Mayte was only pretending to speak that way this entire time for some reason” thing thrown at us with no explanation.

Pages 172 and 173 show that Mayte actually speaks more english than she lets on and Ben caught up with that.

Yeah, I saw that her vocabulary expanded, but she still spoke in a specific “English is something this character is still getting the hang of” way that clearly wasn’t just put on, and if that’s what’s being referred to, then that seems like a pretty big contradiction.

I honestly don’t understand what you are getting at. In this page she spoke two sentences with 4 words or less so there is a smaller margin for grammar errors than when she had a full page of dialogue exchange before.

But i am all ears to listen what you consider is an error if you don’t mind explaining to me. Maybe i am missing something you consider obvious.

I meant that if the “fake as your baby talk” bit had been derisively referring to her lack of grammar skills, as if to imply THAT was what she was just putting on, that would’ve been a contradiction of the earlier scene.

No worries, that is the problem of not being a native english speaker. At times things make sense in spanish that i have a very hard time trying to translate to english to have the exact same meaning. I always ask for native english speakers to check the scripts before i post in case i got mistakes. Stuff often fall through the cracks so i guess that line might have not been properly thought off. I do remember struggling with that particular line and not liking how the whole sentence had to be changed or rewritten several times.

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