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Wow have i had it rough. Ever since we got to print our news the workload shifted for a very uncomfortable one. At times i have been at the office for 12 hours and at times i have been working on sundays which have left me very drained. Don’t get me wrong i am ok with that, i just wish i had a very definitive schedule so i can add my personal projects (these comics, illustrations and all) under believable plans that shoulnd’t get cancelled randomly.

Anyways, i am still behind schedule with the comics and i need to finishi Tina of the South this week and another page of The Eye for the weekend for me to get up to date. So i got a steep slope to climb this week if i want to get to that goal. ;_;

On different news, my best friend has been studying animation at a school in Canada and i hadn’t heard from him for a while. He came back for the whole summer and i am very happy to be able to catch up with him after all this time. Turns out that a couple of his teachers are also part of UDON which i find very VERY awesome. I just hope he actually takes out the best of his studies (i really wish i was able to afford that kind of education ^^U ).

Anyways, expect to see more of The Eye for this weekend if everything goes according to plan/schedule.

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