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Heads Are Rolling

Heads Are Rolling published on 5 Comments on Heads Are Rolling

Hello everyone!


Well, this has been a busy month. Last sunday we had our second stream session to gather funds for AC 2019 and it went really well. I just want to thank everyone that showed to the stream and also those that passed the word about the event. The next one should be around in several weeks.

The site revamp has shown no progress at all… and i am still waiting to being told i can deliver the new assets for it. Been waiting on that for a long time now… makes me a bit nervous to be honest since i haven’t heard a peep in a very long time.

Other than that, i did a good progress on the Patreon queue and i will continue on it in the following days.

Thanks for all the support guys!


So Ron is, on some level, boned. The question is on which level, at that depends on the capabilities and features of the Silentmen.

If the Silentman they were facing has been transmitting all this back to base/other Silentment in real time, then the boning is complete and utter. The Queen will act swiftly and ruthlessly, and Ron is in no shape to figure out how to skip town on the spur of the moment with a broken arm, even with Ram’s coaching. This is most likely not the case, since if the Silentmen were networked in that way, there would be no need for a “Summon Others” feature, except as obsessive redundancy.

If the Silentmen can continue to live/think with the head detached from the body, then Ron is probably boned. It depends on how well the Silentman head remembers detail, which details it is paying attention to, and how well it can communicate its observations. At the least, it should be able to say “There was a devion here and it got away”. The Queen was already at an elevated level of alert, and a second sighting so close to the first would put her at high alert, raising vigilance levels, and put her in a state of active hunting instead of passively monitoring, so that the next time Ron/Ram screws up (and you know they will), then she will be ready to pounce. And if the Silentman can relate even the sketchiest description of the beings involved in the altercation, then anyone vaguely raccoon-like will probably be on a watchlist and discretely monitored.

Even if the Silentman can do nothing to actively impart information, Ron is still boned, because of the other evidence left behind. The Silentman was squashed using ancient artifacts, possibly of unknown provenance. You know who the Queen knows who was recently notable for coming up with ancient artifacts of unknown provenance? Yeah, Ron would be floating at the top of any short list of candidates, even without any eyewitness accounts.

The only saving grace that Ron has is that there just happens to be *another* archaeologist in town who *also* happens to be hanging around with a devion. If Jane puts a watch out for all archaeologists in town, and Wheezy steps out of line first, then Ron could luck out, at least in the short term.

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