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Hell Hath No Fury

Hell Hath No Fury published on No Comments on Hell Hath No Fury

Well i got in touch with my parents, and they have paid most of the debt already. They just don’t want to deposit the whole sum on the spot to avoid getting attention form unwanted sources. I’d hate to say it but yeah my hometown has grown it’s share of malicious people. This is one of the reasons i asked the people i know not to spread the donation drive on my end of the internet.

Again, i just want to thank you all for  the support in the past few months, i am strill trying to catch up with the rewards and stuff i owe you all but i can say that i am done with the vast majority of them already which is a big relief.

Also, someone has to explain Ben about how dragons like to hoard different things. Maybe maybe is into collecting birds?

Thanks again for your support everyone!

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