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Hi There, Stud!

Hi There, Stud! published on No Comments on Hi There, Stud!

Hello everyone!

I am happy to start this new chapter in the comic. Been planning Marianne’s personality and background for a while now and i am really excited to have her completely introduced in the comic besides just being the pretty coworker. I am also a bit nervous but i managed to pull Jane decently so i guess i can do justice to the idea of Marianne i have in my head.

In other news, i am really close to finishing an extra project i am involved in so i will be having more off time for myself. This mean i will resume Tina of the South. I learned that i bit too much more than i could chew and i ended up underperforming on several areas. I will be more careful about that in the future. Expect the cowgirl armadillo to return soon.

Thanks for the support guys!

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