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I Reject Your Reality And Substitute My Own

I Reject Your Reality And Substitute My Own published on 2 Comments on I Reject Your Reality And Substitute My Own

Hello everyone!

Well… if you followed my twitter you guys might already know. Basically my parents had an event for a club they are members in on the south end of the country. I decided to go with them taking advantage of WAY cheaper prices for travel and hosting. Otherwise i would never be able to afford such a trip. Things started weird when we got a call that your flight over there got cancelled and we had to take a different flight to a different place and then take a 5 hour bus ride to the original destination.

It was annoying but we made it and we had a great time. Until one of  the friends of my parents that also went to the event randomly died in his sleep due to a heart attack. That sort of tainted the mood for most of the reunion they were having.

Anyways, things went ok… until it was time to go back. Turns out the travel agent kind of messed up royally and we had no  flight back. So we were basically stuck on the other end of the country. So i had to pony up some cash and buy 4 bus tickets to get a ride home. An 18 hour long bus ride i have to say.

Anyways, i am back home and looking at what i need to work from Patreon rewards and commissions. So back to the usual i guess….

Thanks for reading!


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