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It’s A Secret To Everyone

It’s A Secret To Everyone published on 2 Comments on It’s A Secret To Everyone

Here we go, new page is up!

Funny thing, Chalo invited me to a multi stream yesterday where we were doing out comic pages along with Godai, Jinti and other people. Late at night, Maxblackrabbit joins the stream and suggest we just take screenshots from the other streamers and place a panel as easter eggs. I thought it was hilarious and took¬† a screen at Chalo’s picarto screen and used a panel to be on Ben’s TV which was shut off originally. So i guess the characters are watching TV while having this rather serious discussion? Chalo made a movie poster out of one of my panels and made a “Faceoff” parody.¬† XD

Other than that, not much happening! Just starting May!

Thanks for reading everyone!


Hmm….so i have been on the up and up about this comic for a while an just now with a sentence i have to ask.
How DOES Ramlach look like?
Cause as I read this very well drawn Comic i was looking at Ram as a sort of…i dunno plastic, rubber like flesh appendage that came out of Ron’s head, but when Alyssa (i think) said Ram looked like a ghost; i now think does he look like purple smoke, water?, Jelly?!?!?

heheh. STILL I love what you do Avencri. May many prosperous years come to you.

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