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It’s Gonna Cost You

It’s Gonna Cost You published on No Comments on It’s Gonna Cost You

I just realized…. this is page 150!! That is a big landmark for me!

As you know, my story with this webcomic has been long and full of ups and downs. I started it as a fun sideproject while i was still a student in college. 3 years of college including the time i lost my scholarship and realized i wasn’t as smart as i always believed i was. A whole year of being unable to find a job. 3 shitty jobs where i ended up being stuck for a while. 2 separate muggings, one in which i lost my laptop where i worked all my projects. The deaths of both of my paternal grandparents, loosing one of my favorite aunts to cancer. Finding wonderful new pets and learning more about their care. Also my 4 years working at the newspaper in which even if i struggled a bit i loved every moment of working there. Also my best friend leaving for Canada to study animation, miss him a lot. Finding the girl i loved and loosing her along the way. A lot of things have happened.

I know that 150 pages may seem too little to some (specially if they compare me to other comics on this site) but for me, it is a very huge landmark!

Thanks for reading the webcomic! You got no idea how much that means to someone like me.

Let’s get to the 200 page landmark!

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