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It’s Ya Boy, Mugger!

It’s Ya Boy, Mugger! published on 10 Comments on It’s Ya Boy, Mugger!

Hello everyone! New page is up!
I just realized midcoloring that the weasel guy seems to be a member of Team Skull so that is proof that he is a loser in life. XDAnd because of this, this new page needs to be set to proper music!

On a different note… Ron just got himself a new bodyguard against bullies it seems. Ben might be out of a job!
By the way. Someone just mentioned that the page for “Suddenly Ron” is not showing up, this might be a problem with the website restoration. I will ask a favor for you all. If anyone notices other pages missing from the archive, let me know so i can get the pages restored manually!
Thanks a lot for your support!


Before I begin…

And before I begin yet again, an idea that came to me thanks to the above post.
RonGlee: Marianne-Chan Senpai is so cool.
MariannePoints: …
MariannePoints: Avencri! Mr. AMP is ruining anime for me again. XD

But in all due seriousness, I must commend Marianne for her fast thinking approach. And I take it Ram approves of this too as this is now the second time he has made an appearance.

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