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Jack In The Box

Jack In The Box published on 58 Comments on Jack In The Box

And at long last i got to show Ramalach! Ramalach the deceiver! Ramalach the moon bender! Ramalach the lunatic! Ramalach, he who haggles! Ramalach… who is now reduced to a boil in Ron’s forehead… yeah… that is not nice for a deivon overlord.

Ron and Ben ain’t too thrilled about their new discovery.

The girls are having a nice time it seems. Now i got to draw Ron, Ben and Ramalach taking a bubble bath in the same tub. Ron is there being useless as always while Ramalach sensually scrubs his long golden hair with the pink shampoo that smells like cranberries… with his long thin fingers. Ben is just there thinking “Why the hell am i taking a bath with these two?”. Yeah… sounds about right.

Of course the last panel is nothing without the proper melody:


… why is there a knife in his back?

I will get into that.

Representation of a backstabbing done by his “allies” when he was about to complete his rampage of destruction and one probably used a knife to seal away the dark magics that he has and make him semi mortal yet trapped in a limbo like state and I have no clue what I am talking about. By he way awesome panel now people will be asking why the devion lord is staying an Ron’s forehead

Holy….props to you. O_o

Take the evil rampage stopped by a mortal, the creatures like ramalach that are going to eat him and the fact that he doesn’t even have enough power to live as a separate entity yet has managed to stay alive for years after a defeats like that and hasn’t killed himself, and you have a reasonable explain action for the knife, it was placed by the backstabbers who made ramalach week enough to be defeated and sealed him away in a state where he must have a host to live but cannot kill himself or else he would have killed himself instead of getting drunk.

Sorry, but i dislike that squirrel rodent girl thing. She is obnoxious and controlling. Why does she get the dragon? Why would she want one? She does not seem like she would be a good guardian and she did not do anything during the adventure. Why not give the dragon to the owl and bat? They could learn so much.

she’s a carefree and highly energetic kind of girl, and often the best kind of characters to learn from if you’re an uptight and highly serious person. (i watch a lot of japanese shows and that sort of thing tends to happen)

btw she’s a ferret, squirrels have a light brown shade of fur and a bigger and bushier tail.

ladies and gentle germs, i am afraid we haven’t found avencri, to much of are dismay we cant even find that he existed during tis time period, so i think that are artist was a time traveler and had to go back to his own time..{ i kid} we will keep you informed if we find his TARDIS, maybe we can save him from whatever caused him to leave us hehe

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