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Just A Bit Sick?

Just A Bit Sick? published on No Comments on Just A Bit Sick?
Hello everyone!
Well, i had a scare last monday, my hipertension got out of control again and took my by surprise. I have already been starting to take care of what i eat more to lose weight so i wasn’t expecting this setback. The doctor says that it is mostly because of my sleeping issues.
I got both the hypertension and insomnia spells from my mother. This means i have to try to get to sleep earlier than usual. This will be a big change for me since i usually work on the comics late at night and i don’t think i can keep doing that anymore if i want to regularize my sleep hours. This means i have to reschedule my whole days in the future.
Other than that, i am in some talks to get some physical media products created in relation to the webcomic which got me really hyped. I will have actual news on these in the following months.
Thanks for the support everyone!

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