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Live Fast, Die Young

Live Fast, Die Young published on No Comments on Live Fast, Die Young

Well here is a fun little page that i wanted to make… turns out it was WAY BIGGER than i had ever anticipated. I wanted to go back to Marianne for a second since she is the sixth main character of the comic (the banner will be changed accordingly when her time comes). The funny thing is that we have never seen anything about her so far… besides Ron’s romantization of her (he only knows her from work, yet he spoke of her with Wallace). Marianne is quite… different. XD

Also… for those that have been around for a while, Violet and Sussan are two of the booth girls from the museum in page 10, they are coworkers of Marianne. Fio is her roomate, but she also works at the museum.

Regarding my situation, i am behind schedule by a week i believe on all projects.  I got a lot of catching up to do!  X_x

Thanks for reading guys! =D

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