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Magic and Antibiotics

Magic and Antibiotics published on No Comments on Magic and Antibiotics

Hello everyone!

This was a weird weekend for me.

First of all, Tony from Rascals came to visit this friday. He was going home from his trip to the San Diego Comic Con and my place is sort of in the middle of his traveling route. It was good to have him back, hang out, see the CC loot he got and then we went to watch Ant Man at the movies. I did get my Blizzard esclusive items, so i am very happy about that.

On saturday i went to the local comic convention to visit friends. And by mere chance i found the artbook for Breath of Fire from 1 to 5. Amazing book, been a fan of the series for years.

But then i met with a friend of mine (cosplayer and blogger) and she kind of said something that scared me. She used to work on Human Resources and she basically told me that those departments usually don’t hire people that have been unemployed for over a year, since they just assume that if you have not been getting a job is because your are a troubling individual. I honestly got nervous about this.

I am doing fine with the webcomic so far… but that assertion was like a possible problem i may face in the future that i don’t know how to handle. Doesn’t help that later that night i talked to some of my ex-coworkers from the newspaper and i relaized the got together to make a new website that handles news. While i am happy for them, i am really worried about being stuck with my life.

So i had this little existencial crisis on Sunday. I am doing better now, i talked to several of my friends about my worries and realized that several of them are on the same boat as me. I guess i just needed some reassurance, but yeah, i am still worried but doing way better now.

Thanks for reading!

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