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Mind Blown

Mind Blown published on 8 Comments on Mind Blown

Happy New Year everyone!

Las page of 2018! Not much to say at the moment, i have to travel back to the city this week an resume regular activities. I got some goals for next year but i also need to think a lot about what to do with my life.

Have a great end of the year you all.


Oh…this will not end well for Ron. I do hope there is a way to restore her mind.

Disassembled basically means picked apart, it’s not shattered so nothing should be broken, it’s all there just unconnected, now how easy it’s to reassemble her mind is in unexplored territory and anyhow they’ll have to keep her somewhere while they do so.

personally i’d be fine with them trying to restore her, and they treat her well during the time they do, so when her mind gets connected she might not like who she was and “play dumb” as in pretend it didn’t work so she don’t have to go back to that life. it’s quite common when it comes to mind altering tropes but it’s one i like.

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