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Mister Smooth

Mister Smooth published on No Comments on Mister Smooth

Hello everyone!

First of all i want to say that this was a hard page for me to get done because i was fumbling the dialogue for weeks. While i consider that doing scripts is something i can do just fine. Writting dialogues is something i struggle with big time. I just want to thank my friend Mihari for helping me get this page done even if she wasn’t feeling well at the moment.

Also… hurricane Patrice happened. I was surprised at the number of messages i got from worried friends. But nothing happened on my end. First of all, Patrice clashed with the Sierra Madre and it lost most of it’s power and became a tropical storm. I also happen to live in a valley surrounded by mountains so i only got some rain on my end.

I also managed to take my car to get checked at the Seat agency. After taking it to over 4 different places where they couldn’t find my issue i had to resort to it. They actually found the problem now, i need to replace the hydraulic pump. And they asked for 24,000 mexican pesos to fix it. That is around 1400 dollars i believe? So i will end up trying to look for a cheaper place to get it done. Otherwise i will probably be stuck without a car for months while i save such a sum. X_X

I just want to announce that we have a new comic banner exchange with Aerokat’s site. Poecatcomix!!! There you can find comics like Starfire Agency! Do give her site a visit! =D

Thanks for reading guys!

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