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More Hot Coffee

More Hot Coffee published on 39 Comments on More Hot Coffee

Hello everyone!

Well i missed the deadline for february because i am an idiot!

Anyways, March is upon us, i got many birthdays from close friends coming in the following days so i will have a pretty busy first half of the month.

Also, raccoons are noisy little bastards. I guess Fio will have a complain in the morning about the noise.


Still surprised by they’re age difference. Always thought Ron was just a child genius.

And hurray for sarcastic demons. 😛

How old are they, again? I can’t remember.

Ron is coming up on 31 and Marianne is 21.

Hmm… Yeah, that’s definitely an age gap… I know that there’s really nothing wrong with them, but age gaps don’t sit right with me for some reason. And the wet kiss on the last page and the bite mark here just makes it worse for me.

I have to commend Ron for keeping up with with Marianne as he is not the athletic type. Either he was afraid of that robber or he was focusing in on her booty. XD

OH! I saw this on the stream. So the reason he was so straightforward was due to that Silent Man and the fear of being sensed with Ram in his forehead. Either way, it worked out as he finally got laid with the confirmed second woman (first being Alex).

Although…and I hate to be that guy, I wonder if Ron actually did get his third strike by sleeping with Marianne on the first date. This is just a theory, but I suspect that Marianne was kind of testing him to see if he would respect her boundaries or something. Then again, this is the same woman that gave him one massive hickey on his shoulder. But I sense I’m right as she’s not cuddling with Ron there.

Rams comment about not coffee just made me laugh so hard. Perhaps coffee means something completely different now.

Oh my god! And there I was wondering how the date will end.
That’s totally was NOT what I’ve been expecting! XD
And I love how it turned out. :p
Way to go Ron, three strikes and still you got a score, you wild beast you!
Gosh, I love Marianne more and more with each page passing. Now it’s even harder to decide who I like the most – Alex or Marianne?
Sure, Alex has a trouble with her leg now, after the deivon attack, but she’s still an amazing person.
Dang it, Avencri, why should you make such lovable characters to tore my heart apart between them?! DX

The question is if you prefer a dominant girl that uses her personality or a dominant girl that uses her strenght. XD

I like strong woman, that know what they want and doesn’t play with someone’s mind.
All while Marianne seems like a girl who may put her strength at use when needed, she also have alot of fem in her, as well as good brain and clear mind, that’s what I like about her. :3
What I like about Alex, she seems like an outgoing girl, who like to experiment and like to live free, that’s a plus about her.

Ramalach stating the obvious which makes me wonder if he feels what Ron feels as well. Either way. Raccoons are noisy little bastards which means if Ramalach tried to sleep through it all, he probably didn’t have much success xD.

Pamalach doesn’t understand the common parlance

Let Eddie explain it to you, ancient demon!

You just introduced me to this comedian.
Thank you.

I wonder what’s going through his mind right now…beside Ramalach of course.

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