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Old Flame, Fancy Scar

Old Flame, Fancy Scar published on 10 Comments on Old Flame, Fancy Scar

Wow… 200 pages on the next update! I am honestly very surprised. I am not sure if i will be doing something special for the occasion or not.

I know some people have bashed me because it has taken me this long to do 200 pages. I can’t change what people think, i have been having a long run doing this comic while juggling college, jog hunting and actually working at several places including a newspaper. I may have been dragging for a while, but at least i kept going and the comic is moving forward.

I am also glad to know i have been keeping a steady pace for the last years with the updates.

Also, Alex is back! =D

Thanks for reading!


Oh god, Alex, you really didn’t just write THAT on cake! X”D
And oh mai~ I knew Alex is a naughty rascal, but wearing no panties and showing her leg so high up?
She really likes when people see her in full glory, isn’t she~? >u>

Also, yaaay! 200 page to boot is pawsome! Loved the story from the begining till the current page and I’m sure it’ll be kickass even more to the future! ^w^ b
Also, the art style changed over the time so much to the better! I’m really glad to witness such amazing changes. :3
Good luck to you!

This is the calm before the storm as I suspect O’Raelly is up to something. Although…it does beg the question as to whether Ramalach told Ron about what transpired that night.
And my oh my does Alex look rather dashing in that Adam’s Family inspired outfit with a ravishing new scar to boot.
I must say that only Alex would celebrate with that type of cake. XD

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