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Pamper The Dragon

Pamper The Dragon published on No Comments on Pamper The Dragon

Hello everyone!


Well, i have been totally speechless at how you all have reacted and supported the crowdfunding to help pay the medical expenses of my sister. To be honest i am a bit shy about saying anything about it since i honestly got no proper words to say how grateful i am with all your generosity. This week i am doing the first payment so that the interests don’t go up. Second payment will be done next week. I really want to thank you all for being so invested!

The crowdfunding is still going and the we only need the last third. Thanks again all of you!

On a different note, i was too busy catching up with the stuff i left behind schedule on december and the donation streams that i didn’t have much time to say this. This past 20th of January was the 10th anniversary of “The Eye of Ramalach”!!! It has been 10 years already, i can’t believe it!! =D

My original plan to celebrate the milestone was to release an artbook with information, sketches, lore, bios and an exclusive comic in it. I was going to run an Indiegogo campaign to get the fundings for the print but because of the current events i will have to delay it at least a year. This is a big milestone for me as a webcomic creator so i really want to do something special, even if it going to be a bit late.

Razorfox actually suggested for me to use all of 2016 to celebrate the ten years. So i will be doing some content for the celebration. Gonna start with a new banner for the comic soon.

Thank you all for the support guys! It means the world!

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