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Parting Ways

Parting Ways published on No Comments on Parting Ways

Hello everyone!

I feel like i got a lot of things to say this time but i honestly can’t really remember anything.

I got my car back and it is working fine. I just need to work a bit harder on commissions because i used some of my life savings to complete the price tag and i want to keep that sum untouched for now.

I was talking on twitter about how much i like candy corn and how it is sad that they are made in Mexico but not sold here. Funny thing is that it seems several people decided to ship some to me. It is amazing but i think i will have candy corn for months. XD

Also a little bit of trivia about this page. Furfur turns into a female O’Raelly. It might be odd but it does have a reason. O’Raelly and Ron are the only contemporaneans she has actually seen since she was released. So she is taking one of them as the base for her first disguise.

Forneu’s ability to go unnoticed shall be inferred in future pages. But basically people will see him as whoever they want to see at that moment.

I think of making some new graphics for my Patreon page. The current pictures look kinda old… ;_;

Thanks for sticking up with me guys! Best of luck!

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