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Personal Boundaries

Personal Boundaries published on No Comments on Personal Boundaries

Hello everyone!

Well, first i just want to thank everyone that helped with the donation crowdfunding since you guys made it become a success!! This means that all medical bills are able to be paid with little to no interestest from the bank. So far we have paid 2/3rds of the whole sum and the last bit should be done with in the following weeks. Again, i just want to thank you all for your help and support!

I want to thank ID, Curran and Mihari for organizing the crowdfunding page and spreading the word. To Tony for organizing the donation streams in the past weeks. To the rest of the Katbox crew for helping with the donation streams but mostly to Chalo and Master Godai for being the ones that used the most of their time to give me and my family a hand. It means a lot.

Also… this is the first time i missed an update on my Patreon  (only updated once in February), but i can say it was for a good reason this time since we reached our goal with the donations!

Thanks for your support everyone! More 10th anniversary content should be coming soon! Best of luck!

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